Scott Hall Relapes

Professional Wrestler and former WWF Intercontinental Champion, WCW United States Champion, WCW Television Champion WCW Tag Team Champion,WWF Tag Team Champion and WWE Hall of famer Scott Hall recently apologized on twitter for relapings. The popular Professional wrestler was near death after years of alcohol abuse. He was saved by Former WCW World Champion Diamond Dallas Page. Page helped Hall and fellow professional Wrestler Jake the Snake Roberts with his DDP Yoga Methods. When drunken Hall was in a argument with the bartender of the establishment. The bartender called the police as Scott Hall fled to escape criminal Charges..
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Sylvester Stallone Not Dead

After rumors circulating over the World Wide Web due to a hoax. People have been wondering if the Rocky , Rambo , Stop or my mom Will Shoot star was dead. To make the hoax more realistic it was created to look like a mocked up site. His lovely fans begin to share it as it created a snowball effect. Stallone posted a picture with his daughter having dinner on social media quickly and the rumors were dismissed.

Chris's Corner: 9-6-16

I created this section to be a little more personable with my readers. Today I am feeling sick. Have a horrible cold. This is the second day with this cold but it seems like it is worse than yeasterday. There most likely will not be any news today. But never say never ! Quick News Bill Cosby's new rape trial starts in June 2017
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